Windscreen Chip Repairs

If you're in the need of windscreen chip repairs, windscreen scratch removal, or you have a cracked windscreen, our qualified team will determine the most efficient repair method to get you back on the road safely. If you're unsure if you'll pass your warrant of fitness, we offer assessments in accordance with safety standards required for NZ road laws and WOF/COF requirements. Using specially designed products, our technicians carefully inject your stone chip or crack with a resin formula, this is carefully placed and cured with an Ultraviolet light, before being polished to a smooth and strong outcome. This returns the structural integrity of the windscreen back to its factory standard for compliance on our New Zealand roads.

Windscreen Scratch Removal

If the scratch is in your immediate vision, there's a high chance you won't pass your next warrant. Windscreen scratch removal is often required after your wipers have become detached, so it's best to get this addressed immediately before the problem grows.

Cracked Windscreen Repairs

If you have a windscreen chip, it's best to get this addressed as fast as possible before it grows into a cracked windscreen, which sometimes eventuates into a complete replacement. Cracked windscreen repairs can often be an easy fix. Much like we described above, we inject an invisible resin that brings your Autoglass back to its former glory, if not stronger.

After-Care Service & Commercial

Our crack and windscreen chip repairs service doesn't end with the initial repair or replacement, especially if you're operating a commercial fleet. Our mobile team in Christchurch will connect with you after glass repairs have been completed for quality assurance. We can provide an ongoing maintenance service and advice on how to best take care of your windscreen and windows. We have strong commercial relationships where we often undertake routine inspections to minimise downtime costs, find small chips and cracked windscreens to prevent your vehicle being off the road.

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